Friday, February 29, 2008

preparation for tomorrow

tomorrow's the school's sports day,so there's no practice today so that no one will get injured during the big day.malangnye aku saket badan dow.but xpe la.have to give it all out tomorrow.PLAYNE HOUSE's forever ok.once a playnian always a playnian(dh cm VI nye slogan la pulak).this afternoon,hny,teena n i went to slayang mall to get a piece of big polystyrene board
to draw the head of the ladybird and cut the shape out.our tent is kindaff simple so we have to make it daboom to gain more and more marks!damn we're behind mc neil by 1 point.and pring's leading for now.playne is at the third position now and this really worries me.well this is my last year and i really do hope that playne will be the champion again this's a thing you should be very proud of if your house wins the house cup and this is one of my biggest hope for this year.

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