Saturday, March 12, 2011

kejap pun jadi lah

 *you see, this happens when you can flip the camera screen...*

we did a quick reunion just now :)
insyaAllah we will meet again this up coming semester break :)

p/s: azira hafiza, rabiatul adawiyah & aleya murad, wish you guys were there to join us :(

Thursday, March 10, 2011

summary writing

i've missed out on so many things now, because?
yes, because i rarely go online. let me make a quick summary about what happened here in UiTM Perak for the past few weeks.

test 1 started about two weeks ago. 2 tests in one week is hectic enough already. i wonder when is test 2 going to start? :/

so last week, HR freshies have to attend this camp called PARTICIPANT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM aka PDP. it's compulsory and if you don't go, don't cha ever think of graduating. simple as that. it was a 3 days 2 nights camp and overall it was a tiring one and a memorable one. :) i'll give rempuh halangan a 5/5 although i didn't manage to do the monkey bar and monkey crawl. this clearly proves that i'm not an active person. so must i start with the dumbbells? you tell me. haha.

done with my first economics test this morning. will be having accounts test tomorrow. after that, chow balik rumah naik train dengan member member gua. hehe. done.