Wednesday, December 31, 2008

thirty first december,the last day

hours to the year 2009, things ought to have a change, new resolutions are in mind and unforeseen situations are ahead of us humankind. "We'll leave the past in the past, gonna find the future", which is very true. leave all the junks behind, bring forward the triumph and happiness. 2008, i call it a solero shot year. the ups and downs, they are so inevitable.

once the clock's two sharp needles meet at 12, that's it, the majority will be cheering out loud and fireworks could be seen blasting into colours in the boundless sky. may 2009 will bring lots of happiness and luck, fill my life again with the one happiness that had faded back then, the kind of happiness that's so precious to me and the kind that i'm happy to be a part of.

Monday, December 29, 2008

2 pieces of pancakes and scramble egg for my breakfast. ok mcm ni la kan,not breakfast but lunch. i woke up at 12+ pm, so right now im substituting breakfast with lunch. substituting? that reminds me of maths and addmaths.HAHA ok ugh im fucking starving, i need to consume food.

'Cause you caught me off guard
Now I'm running and screaming
I feel like a hero and you are my heroine'

lelaki suka perempuan, i've been hearing this song over and over and over again. why? bcs i love it la,haiyo

Sunday, December 28, 2008

31 candles

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you ko
happy birthday to you

happy 31st birthday ko
our age,we're so far away brotha
but our shelters are not that far XP
i remember the times when we used to play with the soft toys. HAHA you know what i mean don't you bro. those memories couldn't be erased XD
may Allah bless you with good health,amin. iloveyou

Saturday, December 27, 2008

the saga continues

double yes! angah finally collected her pre-ordered books at mph, eclipse and breaking dawn. uh-la-la i was helplessly urber excited about it(keep your head nat).angah's expressions
seemed emm... calm and smiley, her face didn't exposed any sign of urber excitement like mine. well nevermind with that,maybe the excitement did blossomed inside of her,who knows ;) she's started with the third book, while me? haha this time i've jumped to conclusion. while waiting for her to finish the third one, i myself started reading the forth one. oh i couldn't resist, patience was not strong enough in me. yeah, i know, i'm against the law. couldn't help it XP
one night, i brought my friend,desperate along with me to crash into wikipedia to search for the synopsises. correction, they're plot summaries. so since then, i roughly knew about the stories. i know i've spoiled the fun, too bad. but hey, it wasn't that completely spoiled yet, that was just the surface though ;)

Thursday, December 25, 2008


morning,rise and shine
it was 8am,my alarm sang to me pop rocks and cokes
why in the world i woke up so early
this is bcs im doing it for the sake of mid valley
early? precisely
what if the parking lot was fulled with cars
we'll be having headaches while searching for one
alright,i wanna go drench myself at the 'niagara falls' now
later sweetsugarcandyman!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

money money money

my friend texted me just now saying that she got offered a job by gaguu kids,good for her =)
oh God, i so wanna work,i want money honey. hmm if i got offered,that means i may have to say goodbye to mr.midnight and greet miss sunshine in the morning. PLEERRKK LAME. however, if i work then i'll be getting income! the scent of money...guess i'll use the word marvellous to describe it =P


grrr-aitt, he had a new hair do. the original messy hair was replaced with errr... an extremely short yet tidy hair. i honestly think that he looks wayyy much better with his messy sexay hair =(
just put aside the new hair cut,im still adoring this hypnotizing creature =)))

back to basics,am i?

im currently eating 3 pieces of yam cakes which were well of course made by my father. what i can clarify about them is that they are finger licking good if they're eaten with chili sauce. hmphhh i guess natalia is back on track with her supermassive appetite! damn nat, control yourself,think about your tops,pants,figure and most importantly your WEIGHT! urghhh now i want my pondan stomach back! =(

btw this is my 100th post,it's like gaining full marks in the examination ( i wish) X)

Monday, December 22, 2008


eclipse- after christmas, end of january, febuary
breaking dawn- still available in certain bookstores kot

guess i have to wait for i-don't-know-how-long for eclipse to show up in the bookstore. angah will go and buy it. (hehe a silent yeah!)..the twilight saga is so addictive and all i want is to continue reading. it's like a harmless drug that i can't say no to it. good vamp rules!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

los dan faun

went to watch los dan faun with eryna this afternoon at the curve. overall,the movie was great and hilarious and everyone were laughing their asses out in the cinema like HAHAHAHA. afdlin shauki,the director of this movie,he is a GENIUS. he was gifted,gifted with talents such as acting and directing. oh not to forget about the cast members in this movie,they are all very talented as well.

Friday, December 19, 2008

game plan

playing games is one of my favourite activities to do when im at my home sweet home. i miss playing the ps, i really do. the moment i grabbed the joystick and started playing my all time favourite game which is resident evil, it was hard for me to stop the journey and take my eyes off the tv screen. i could still remember when i was at the tender age of 12,i used to play resident evil 2 and 3 over and over again everyday after the upsr examination. hm if im not mistaken,i'd spent a total of 3 hours per day to complete one of those terrific games that i've mentioned. see how addicted i was with RE, what can i say, that's the best damn action game ever!

a picture paints a thousand words

when i set my eyes on these pictures, the first impression that came to my mind was they were beautiful and i absolutely loved them. take a look at the picture with the cast members of twilight, it's like haromony meets happiness. i found out this particular one in someone's blog and as i observed carefully,it was actually taken from the website of vanity fair( see that right there?).

Monday, December 15, 2008

new moon

pheww,finally i've done reading twilight this morning,i mean midnight. the best part of it is that it took me one week to finish it. yaa yaa i know one week is such a long period. the main reason why it took me so long to finish it is bcs i've been delaying, i took my very own sweet time to read that one whole book. uhuhhh that's freaking slow,i know. after waking up from my best comfort zone of mine, i went downstairs to my sister's room to search for the second book. my aim for today is that i wanna finish half of the book.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


ok, im in love with a vampire. im very much in love with a vampire. haha i know it sounds stupid and ridiculous but i couldnt care less =P twilight is worth watching, the book is worth reading. i was smiling widely,watching and imagining the way how edward treated bella. in conclusion, that is a beautiful story. how i wish vampires with a good heart do exist in this 21st century.falling in love with a vampire is way better than falling in love with a human being.HAHAHAHA

Saturday, December 13, 2008

ms.hayley williams

i really adore this girl,yeap i do. although she has a tiny figure but she definitely can rock the hell out of herself. the way she perform on stage,banging her head,W-A-W! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
no offense,she's way better than mrs.deryck wimbley,seriously

Friday, December 12, 2008

pancakes turn me on

yesterday after the margrib prayer, both of my parents sent me to eryna's house for a sleepover. she decided to have dinner outside and i didnt back to differ about it. we went to have dinner at paddington house of pancakes at damas. she told me that the food was delicious. if that's the case,why not give it a try right? at the end result,she was damn right. the food that i ordered turned out to be delicious yet satisfying and i have no regrets ordering it. the pancakes,oh i'll give them 5 stars out of 5. they were so tempting and i felt happy while eating them. gosh, i began to love you paddington,i'll be back for more =P

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Try to leave a light on when I'm gone
Something I rely on to get home
One I can feel at night
A naked light, a fire to keep me warm
Try to leave a light on when I'm gone
Even in the daylight, shine on
And when it's late at night you can look inside
You won't feel so alone
-david cook-

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hope to harvest it sooner

another challenge emerged today. cool huh? challenges come and go. self confidence is building. at least i know whats happening and i'll take this as an experience and a lesson as well. life without challenges? that's not life and shouldnt be qualified as life. i'll pick up the puzzles that scatter on the floor and try to arrange them back to form a picture. this may take a long time for me to do it. don't rush, do it slowly, go with the flow.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the day

oh pls let it be smooth and steady


it's 12.47am and im starving like hell. maggie mee called me to cook it since 11+am. haih i faught the feeling and the temptation. HAHA. right now, at this moment, i cant be able to fight the temptingness of mr maggie mee anymore. im loosing and im giving up! im gonna hop from this bed and head towards the kitchen to cook mr maggie. yummeyhhh! here i come!

fell in love with decode

the truth is hiding in your eyes
and it's hanging on your tongue
just boiling in my blood
but you think that i cant see
what kind of man that you are
if your man at all
i will figure this one out
on my own

how did we get here
i used to know you so well
how did we get here
i think i know

there is something
i see in you
it might kill me
i want it to be true

Monday, December 8, 2008

finally,she came

guess who came by yesterday? it was eryna=) uh finally she came, i missed that minah la =P haha i felt like im in a busy mood yesterday,when to ou in the morning and came back in the evening. we thought of going to the park but unfortunately it rained, so the park was all wet and so on. that was ok, we ended up chilling at my room. but it'll be more fun hanging out at the park instead of chilling in my room. we talked alot,obviously. talked about her probs and mine as well. at night, while we were talking, suddenly my stomach was aching, having difficulties in respiring and my nose was blocked. my eyes began to turn red and they were swollen. one thing that im very sure why my nose was blocked is that i was exposed to dust. once im exposed, that's it, i'll be sneezing like hell. i feel like washing my nose and then fix it back to where it belongs XD that's impossible, i know. in this case, impossible is something.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

read more

my boredom has decrease a little bit now, thanks to my sis for buying two twilight novels,at least i have something additional to do to cure my boredom. i'll be reading the first book and she'll be reading the second one bcs she'd already watched the movie. i've finished reading chapter one in the evening and i'll continue reading the next chapters later on. when i was an adolecent, i refused to read, i just dislike reading. books by enid blyton? i'll read them once in a blue moon. i was fond of reading when i was at the age of thirteen. this happened bcs i was influenced by my buddy,nurul. well nurul i would like to thank you for this =)

Friday, December 5, 2008

question marks

i have no freaking idea. will it happen or it's just impossible for that to happen?
btw, samantha ronson..booo!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

time to fix them

the dental appointment is on tomorrow. i have two cavities and i bet it's gonna hurt when the dentist starts his 'experiment' on my teeth =S

im bored...

im bored to death. all i do is sleep,online,eat and watch tv. lame, i know=/ how nice if eryna still lives in this neighbourhood. she used to stay nearby my house but unfortunately she shifted to hartamas on the month of...ok i can't remember which month. hang,aku rindu kau la, bile nak hangout ni...when are u coming to menjalara laaaa...lets eat dominos like we used to.haha xD

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

job at home dot com

my fellow buddies have finised with their exams today.yeah! kiss spm gudbye =P korang ape lg,jom hangout and have lots and lots of fun, just leave everything behind and run forward to reach for the excitement that's ahead of us. my activities for today are that i have to clean up my room and get rid of all the papers on the sofa and the study table. the amount of books and papers, well their COUNTLESS. maybe i'll be having flu while doing it. shitty shit. the condition of the second floor of my house,hurm needless for me to mention about it. hey now i gotta lift my butt up from this chair and start working,later yaw

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

it's o-over

finally, spm has come to an end! wuhoo!!! no more text books and notes. just no more! HAHAHA gosh it was 5 minitues to 12.25pm, i can't sit still,no, i can't. i covered up my face bcs my smile was so bloody wide.gaga .oh ya i have to return some of my remaining text books bcs if i dont then the teacher will not hand out the spm result to me. pfft. hny,nutt,na,hanis, nadra,ziqa,anith and i when to johnny's at 1+ pm to have lunch. we were starving..urgh very indeed. but unfortunately, na cant join us bcs her mother was on her way to pick her up. huhu its ok na, we can still hangout together some other days,remember, we have a very long holiday=)
p/s: im gonna miss them,uhuh im gonna miss them =( iloveyouguys

Monday, December 1, 2008

ok,shut down now

great,i can't sleep. my eyes were stubborn,they refused to say goodnite. they just wanna look around although its dark. hm lastly, i decided to get up from my bed,turned on the laptop and started blogging. today's my big day,urgh finally! after days of waiting and dreaming,dreaming and waiting and blablabla...the list goes on and on
ya Allah,moga-moga apa yg ku telah pelajari kluar dlm exam harini. Amin