Wednesday, July 30, 2008

stupid or what?

dennis in the tv series inikah cinta died of an accident!fyi he's the hero in that story and he's meant to be with moza for eternity!let me make a conclusion or perhapes let the inikah cinta addicts make a conclusion,A HERO SHOULDN'T DIE!titik!

p/s:director nak kena terajang kot

Friday, July 25, 2008

bye bye old hair and HELLO new hair

i decided to go and have a hair cut today and i did.unfortunately,my hair turned out to be like..short and long at the's layered and well it kinda looks like my old hair in 2007.argh its short!no more twisting my hair and just leave it like a bun like i used to.*sigh*... this hair sucks and i miss the times where i had the longest-hair-of-my-life.

p/s: dear hair,pls grow faster

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hello i'm here

wifi was set up in my school library but the disadvantage is that we are not allow to log into myspace,friendster,youtube and BLOGGER.and oh btw,we will be banned from entering this 'chamber' for a month as well if we were caught logging into these websites.duh,can't you guys be any lame?!whatever it is,like i give a damn?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

second day of the week

it was 1.30 pm and school's over at this hour.hny,nutt,anith and i stayed back til 2.10 and we decided to hang out at the walk way where we usually do during form 3.aww i really miss those times when we hang out there together in a group.what we often do is talk(that's for sure) and laugh out loud about any stupid acts and jokes that crossed our minds.i bought pisang goreng and man oh man its irresistable!nutt actually foot out 2 bucks for pisang goreng(that's so kind of her =]) and of course we share them among ourselves.what can i say,sharing is caring =) i never ate pisang goreng this much in one day,sedap gile babai sampai nak lagi plak tu kan.

at hny's place,we watched this taiwanese love series which is a prince who turns into a frog if im not mistaken and inikah cinta.among all the movie genres,love story is what i love the really gives you this wonderful yet blissful feeling when it comes to scenes where you just can't simply take your eyes of them,even a single second.haha

p/s: love stories RULE

Sunday, July 13, 2008

happy birthday kak myra

good luck in everything and may all your dreams and wishes come true!
do enjoy this wonderful day dear

Thursday, July 10, 2008

tip top

it's time for me to actually take the sicssors and place my hair in between the two blades and move both of my fingers together.oh and i finally did it,i just cut off a few centimeters of my horse-like-hair,well it's just the tip though.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

it feels good to be back on track

pheww,im back from the hospital at was fucking bored and it was torturing over there.dh la lupe nk bawak earphone kn,well i just lied on the bed,looking at the celing,the curtains,the lights,waiting for text messages,tossing and turning.besides that,i went in a n out from the toilet for i dunno how many times a day with that bende ala drip,it was very very and very inconvinient.i was admitted into the ward on monday and this is my first time staying in the ward.the doc suspected that i was diagnosed with dangue fever,which is true at the end result.omg,seriously its a nightmare =S
on tuesday,guess who came by and visit me?hny,nutt,zaty,anith,nadrah,tasha,sopeah and nurul and her mom!i was overwhelme with joy and my energy just boost up!its amazing to see them there but you cant really talk too loud bcs well its a hospital =/ but whatever it is,that's the most best and unforgettable day in the ward itself.thanks a bunch guys!=D i really appriciate it =D

Sunday, July 6, 2008

i hate this,i really hate this

im sick and this happens to be the worse for this year.i'd transformed into a lobster and i dunno whats happening to me.