Saturday, March 29, 2008

of you go fringe

while we were watching that stupid borat movie,i decided to let hny to cut off my fringe.not exactly off la but just to make it short.thanx to her,she did a great job! =) i've ruined my fringe once and i'm not gonna repeat the same mistake again =/

Monday, March 17, 2008

my first PGA tour

not exactly a PGA tour,but after school hny,uncle abbas and i went to a driving range not far from her took us just a few minutes to reach there telling u this is my first time playing golf and it's so damn difficult!when you watch any golf tournaments on tv maybe u'll think it's easy to swing,but let me make it's not as easy as it pumps are painful and it requires alot of strength to swwiiiinngggg.well i played like shit ok.hmm what can i say practice makes perfect.there's this uncle,im kindaff amaze by the way he swings and the ball actually went far!he's so relaxed when he swings,hurm how's that eh?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

a tight squeeze situation below

yada yada yada hny,i've just read yr go-nuts blog.well as long as K comes for tuesday's class then that'll be good enough.hahaha.and maybe i get to see J on the same day as well.wuuuu =P
hahaha true,who knows one day i'll find my very own true's all in God's hands,jodoh di tgn Allah pe,cheewahwah!
after our class hny,hus and i went to anexe(not sure about the spelling) to take a look at the booths that they're going to set up there but unfortunately i was told by my friend that if u want to enter then u have to pay for the entry.well im not going to pay cuz im really broke and in a very very very tight budget this month.this tight-budget-thingy does not only occurs in this month but every month since i dunno when it actually started.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

away means away

after our class we straight away headed to... hmm where eles..klcc la.that same old boring place over and over again.what to do,if we go to bb then we have to spend lots of money which we will deffinately run out of budget and btw its better then going nowhere rite?
here are a few pics that we took at avenue k and klcc.

Friday, March 7, 2008

hey again

let see what shall i start.....
i didn't update my blog for days n aw pitty u blog..haihs as usual la,i don't need to mention.i'll try to update my blog oftenly and now my blog is soooo damn dull.nk bace pon xde semangat!i got a phone call from syaff yesterday and i was told that she was picked pocket by an idiot at the lrt station.her brand new phone that she just used for 1 month gone just like that.haih really pitty her la.ok,next 2 weeks will be my ujian intervensi.just a small exam.not much.but i have no choice but to crack my head n stare at the books for xtau la bwat ke x kan.but i really have to force myself although i hated it so much!