Saturday, October 23, 2010

the nature of this job

i started working as a mc delivery operator last week. after going through days of training and buddying with haslinda, we finally went online and actually started talking and assisting customersss. my goodness, what can i say about this job people, to tell you the truth, it ain't easy. in general, working ain't easy.

let's flash back to the first day, it was very stressful because i was unfamiliar with the system and the speech and i tend to get all nervous when it comes to talking to the customersss. yes, i'll have butterflies in my stomach when it comes to talking to people, eventhough i'm not actually looking at their faces. but as time passes by, my nervousness decreases bit by bit. you see, it is possible to come across good, polite or nice customers everyday, but it is impossible to receive every call from these type of customers. lady luck may not be with you all the time, you may have to deal with fucked up customers when the calls come to you. unfortunately, as an agent, you're not suppose to fire them back, your head will be on the chopping board waiting for it to be chopped if you do. you have to bare with their negative ions that you hate to accept with your ears. 

before i log off, i just wanna conclude that this is a part of my experience in life. by the way, we have one more month to go before we resign. ya Allah, please give us the strength to keep going. Amin.

Monday, October 4, 2010

this opinion inside here

no offence, it is indeed annoying. it annoys me.