Saturday, February 28, 2009

back to my childhood

right now, all i can think about is wanting to get myself the fairy tale story book that i saw at ou three days ago. yeah yeah it may sound childish, couldn't be bothered

Friday, February 27, 2009

used to be my obsession

i really miss the old times when i used to chat all night long via msn and ym with my fellow buddies. chatting could be considered as one of my hobbies and daily routines during those days...well those were the days XD

hani rang me in the middle of the night and asked me to join a conference with several of our schoolmates.
flash back to 04,05 and 06 people! =)))))
p/s: hani, lets continue with our abandoned-activity tonight XD

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ok i was tired just now

i slept at 5am due to a few hours of chatting with giring. damn now i have a pair of enourmous eye bags and they're getting darker and darker, day by day =/ gotta purchase myself some kind of product to make those dark circles go away. just go for an affordable one will do =) grrrrahhh i look hideous =( darkness revolves around my eyes, zits popping out when they feel like they want to, hmm it's a teenage nightmare huh?

by the way, angah asked me to accompany her for shopping today. at first i didn't feel like i want to bcs i was bloody sleepy due to insufficient of sleep. well lastly i did agree with her =)

angah and mommy are going to dubai tonight =( hm pitty angah, she's definitely gonna miss her little miss addyn so much =(
i'll be here with papa,miss addyn and bibik for 20 days.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

it's been days


of all freaking websites, why must facebook has to be sacrificed as the victim, oh please please please have mercy! this is killing me man, my liquid of impatience is currently boiling hardcore-ly deep inside my very own nata-soul, the rise of the temperature will never yell ' that's enough for now' until i stop left clicking and shutting down the whole system. you know what, i rather lift my flat butt up from this nearly-a-decade green office chair together with my human body to go entertain myself with what astro has to offer tonight. so bye bye, have a great time slowing down everything.

over plak aku ni describe, HAHA 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


you make it easy
its as easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4
there’s only one thing
to do
three words
for you
there’s only one way to say
those three words 
that’s what I’ll do

this is one of the most sweetest songs that ever exist, i've been listening to it over and over again XD

Saturday, February 21, 2009

labour of the day

activity for today- helped my father to shift the tiles all the way from the basement to the front porch ALL by myself =P *muke bangge*

not one, not two but all twenty-four pieces of them ( according to him, i didn't count). hey no joke man. i walked back and forth, up and down the staircase, carrying those weighty square-shaped objects with my very own bare hands. instead of carrying dumbbells, i carried tiles, not bad eh ;P HAHA hey at least i'll be able to lose some calories and build up muscles by doing this ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

the songs go bang bang boom

right now, at this very moment, do you have the desire to go for a karaoke with whoever you wished to go with? 

angah,kak jeyda and i revealed our hidden voices by singing out loud together with our hearts and souls at redbox ria. HAHA although we only spent 3 hrs of our time,we still enjoy ourselves pretty much by choosing songs,laughing and wolfing down our meals. unfortunately, i didn't get the chance to sing bonnie tyler's total eclipse of the heart bcs our time has came to an end =( 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

it'll grow

on the 18th of feb 2009 (to make it sound dramatic), i've made my decision to go to the salon to have a new hair do. bye bye miserable hair and welcome shoulder length hair. i refused to cut it short, as in like really short. how am i supposed to tie or clip up my hair if it looks hideous right?
i did highlight it too, but not the whole area, just one strand on the left hand side. i have to say that i'm satisfied with the colour that i've picked, it's red =) i don't know what kind but if i'm not mistaken, it's under passion red. i don't know how i feel about my current hair, not to say that i don't like it, hm maybe i'm not used to it. i remember crying over my new hair do when i was younger, i think that was the shortest hair that i've ever had. 

Regret? maybe  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

simply exquisite

here are pictures of katy perry in her outlandish but cool costumes taken at the 2008 EMA. she does look good in them and i just simply love almost all of them, especially when it comes to the last picture =)

red carpet

quarter back katy XD

hope and progress

and the winner is...

peel banana

cherry chapstick


last but not least,this is my favourite ;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

we've made a mistake

balloons and flowers were sold along bb street and couples could be seen holding them as they walked. V day mah, yadyada whatever.

haslinda and i had already made up our minds to watch the curious case of benjamin button a week ago but unfortunately we didn't go for that movie bcs of the bloody seatings. they were three rows from the screen and hell no we're not gonna chose those seats, i bet we'll suffer throughout the 2 hrs movie. so yeah we ended up watching the psychotic EDEN LAKE. we bought tickets for syaff,eryna and akmal as well, same time,same row. we thought it was a horror movie which was so not horror. it was indeed a violence one. well i must say that EDEN LAKE sucks big time bcs of its ending.

freakin' pissed

Friday, February 13, 2009


the three of us treated syaff for lunch at delicious a couple of days ago. actually, hani decided that we all go to this incredibly fancy restaurant called  fullhouse but unfortunately we were told by the taxi driver that the restaurant was located at subang jaya. subang jaya? that's freaking far ehhh =S

saffy and nenet XD

Thursday, February 12, 2009

if you come across this

hey there,
a million thanks for the song dedication =D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

exhaustion takes over

-_- i think I'm about to collapse in a few minutes time -_-

go syaff it's your birthday

 the day today indicates that you're officially 18 ;)
happy birthday girl
happy happy happy 18th birthday
semoga Yang Berkuasa panjangkan umur mu dan murahkan rezeki mu. Amin .
nenet ilovesyou dear ! ACHIKA (aku cinta kau) ! HAHA XD

one year ago

i just browsed through one of my sister's photo albums that she'd uploaded in facebook and i came across these pictures with me in them. these pictures were taken at suna's (my aunt) wedding last year. damn my hair was longer back then. sigh. i was kind of surprised by it XD

the heels ( circled in red) killed my legs. flats rule!

it looks like a W on my forehead XD

shaaiiitss... i want long hair =(

Thursday, February 5, 2009

dave and his three adorable yet talented 'children'

just a little nostalgia here people ;)
if chipmunks like them do exist, i'll definitely go grab myself all three of them XD

C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K. those were the good old days ;) do you still remember this chipmunks theme?

christmas don't be late; take a look at alvin, isn't he mischievous ?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


greetings =)

i'm not used to the changes that occurred in my blog and other websites since i've started using this safari browser. it's like the pages were minimized a lil bit and the fonts were bold. well i'll get used to it sooner or later =) its true, the website of perez hilton does appear faster compared to the last time when i usually used the internet explorer as my daily browser to log in to his web. thanks to zaty for recommending safari to me. yeehaaa! =D

from now onwards, there's no more
 waiting for minutes for to show up =D

Monday, February 2, 2009

vegas? done

i've finished reading and fantasizing each chapters of she woke up married before i slumped onto my bed at midnight. i've decided that why not finish up this book today, besides there were a few more chapters left to go, so why delay right.

my comment- this one is way better than true love (and other lies) but it's less humourous compared to true love. true love is boring and i'm still in the midst of it =/

before i even accomplished that true love book, haslinda and i were already exhanging books. she was found of mine (true love) which i myself was not found of with. well it looks like you'd bought yourself the right one girl, i love your book ;)

my next target will be this ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

his little bunddle of joy

rayboy received this one big gift from wan and gong gong for his 2nd birthday. it's a colourful playhouse with patrick and the rest of his buddies printed on it.

meet julia,wayne and the reddish patrick
this picture reminds me of plans and elevations in form 5's maths

peek-a-boo, i see you

pheww, i'm done with the indoor, fresh air needed