Monday, February 2, 2009

vegas? done

i've finished reading and fantasizing each chapters of she woke up married before i slumped onto my bed at midnight. i've decided that why not finish up this book today, besides there were a few more chapters left to go, so why delay right.

my comment- this one is way better than true love (and other lies) but it's less humourous compared to true love. true love is boring and i'm still in the midst of it =/

before i even accomplished that true love book, haslinda and i were already exhanging books. she was found of mine (true love) which i myself was not found of with. well it looks like you'd bought yourself the right one girl, i love your book ;)

my next target will be this ;)

1 comment:

izzati said...

is there any specific part that you like??hehe