Friday, February 29, 2008

preparation for tomorrow

tomorrow's the school's sports day,so there's no practice today so that no one will get injured during the big day.malangnye aku saket badan dow.but xpe la.have to give it all out tomorrow.PLAYNE HOUSE's forever ok.once a playnian always a playnian(dh cm VI nye slogan la pulak).this afternoon,hny,teena n i went to slayang mall to get a piece of big polystyrene board
to draw the head of the ladybird and cut the shape out.our tent is kindaff simple so we have to make it daboom to gain more and more marks!damn we're behind mc neil by 1 point.and pring's leading for now.playne is at the third position now and this really worries me.well this is my last year and i really do hope that playne will be the champion again this's a thing you should be very proud of if your house wins the house cup and this is one of my biggest hope for this year.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

what a day

waking up early and heading to syaff's place,and this is not my first time doing it.the seminar began at 8.30,well im sure that some of us are sleepy cuz it's 8.30!there were two seminars today,bm and telling u bloggers,honestly la today's seminar mmg busan r although ade lawak2,tp tetap busan..thanks to you zaty for bringing your least we can still cheer up by taking lots of pics rite?hohoho
btw what an irritating day today.i dont have to proceed

Sunday, February 17, 2008

outing for the four of us

after our bm class,we head straight to klcc to celebrate our syg's bufday.this is the first time the four of us actually went out together,pheeew finally ok.we went mkn2 at madam kwan's and syaff dosent have to pay cuz she da bufday girl mah.there's someone while we were chilling,there's someone who wanted to come but luckily we neva bump into that someone.after the mkn2 thing we went looking for cloths and shoes.i bought a pencil case,my beloved pencil case went missing last year,i felt like loosing half of my for hus she's the one who shopping sakan lah.baju la seluar la..haih i wish i have a crdt card so i can shop till i drop then bayar hutang till i botak.pada pukol 4 lbh,kami pon bersurai la.haritu sy amat enjoy bersama mereka =) dan sy syg sama mereke.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

shop,prepare and eat

all rite,here it first me and hny were planning to cook maggie but eventually she came up with a great idea which is making potato coleslaw(whatever it is).at first we went to giant and bought some potatoes.before going hny decided to wear BIG shoes so we just wore and LOL all the way to giant,well it's "cool" though.hahaha.crap.ok so we bought potatoes n muffins and went straight back home to boiled and cut the potatoes and onions.the potato coleslaw was walaaaahhhh!!! but we were full after the second round and couldn't manage to finish it.

my fave song for now is love fool by new found glory feat. adam lazzara from taking back sunday.i just found out adam was featured in this song yesterday because one of the voices was so familiar.i fell in love with his voice though <333

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


i missed another tuition class today cuz of cheer prac.i dun mind missing other class because it's da same teacher that teaches all the form 5 students.but there's one class i hate to miss which is khoo he only teaches on tuesday n wednesday .wednesday xleh pegi plak.if i attend maths class on saturday that means he'll not be teaching...*sigh*
i do love the way he teaches although his method of teaching is like the old fashion type,who cares btw?i still like it,at least its not bored.

Monday, February 11, 2008

sorry for the late wish teena

very sorry bace hny nye blog bru teringat smlm bufday teena.once again happy belated bufday.welcome to da teen world teena tona!=P heard that u were present by yr parents n sisters a board game,that's cool.=) any other presents that you've received so far?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

school in 2 days time

argh!school's open on next tuesday.and it spoils everything!y can't we have another holiday?why?why?why?like mr kumar said:"school=jail" which is very true,i do agree with u sir =) i have to wait for like months to get out from high school life and in these few months i have to work my ass off for the major exam which is ehem ehem SPM.that's rite SPM,can't believe i'm actually sitting for this super-gigantic-major-scariest examination of all time.*sigh* too bad,either me or you out there have to deal with it cuz it's part of our precious c'mon u form fives out there,lets give our one last best shot and do well in our SPM!
ok,enough of that.well these few days something has been bothering me and i feel like washing my brain with clorox,if i can la kan.klo cuci cmne?can u predict what happen?


Saturday, February 9, 2008

i dunno what title

ok this morning,called up hny n gave her the carbonara recipe.u know what,carbonara is one of the best damn food.i dont like it when i was a kid,but one day when i really tasted it i began to like it!this afternoon my family n i went to quality hotel to have our's something like buffet,eat all u y not eat all i can =D the food was gud espacially the porraige.that's da best porraige that i've tasted so far.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

happy bufday syaff syg! =D

happy bufday to u!
happy bufday to u!
happy bufday to syafiqa!
happy bufday to u!

haha i already sang it to u yesterday n im singing it to u again in my blog
may all yr dreams come true,gud luck in everything,moga Allah panjangkan umur mu,moga anda berkekalan bersama si dia =P n do well in yr spm =) not to forget,i really do love u my bestie.i'll neva forget u.da moments with u,hunny n has r unforgetable =D
like cikgu rosli said:"ACIKA!"

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hey u bloggers out there!=)

hey ho new blog!ok i have to say this is my 3rd blog..da previous blogs telah di pulaukan cuz of my laziness in logging not really new here but i need yr guidence abt this thingy.thanx alot.i really appriciate it if u r willing to guide me=)well yesterday is our last day of school(hiphiphuraaaaay!!!)which all of us r waiting for all these while.tommorow is a chinese new year and all of da chinese(including me) cant wait to collect angpau kot!syaff, which is one of my besties received a present from her bf..n guess what it is?a 5 MPX SONY ERICSSON CYBERSHOT!she is one lucky girl ok ;)now,im listening to chris brown's with you..not bad though that song but i prefer kiss kiss.oh n not to forget t-pain,i began to love yr songs man!