Sunday, February 17, 2008

outing for the four of us

after our bm class,we head straight to klcc to celebrate our syg's bufday.this is the first time the four of us actually went out together,pheeew finally ok.we went mkn2 at madam kwan's and syaff dosent have to pay cuz she da bufday girl mah.there's someone while we were chilling,there's someone who wanted to come but luckily we neva bump into that someone.after the mkn2 thing we went looking for cloths and shoes.i bought a pencil case,my beloved pencil case went missing last year,i felt like loosing half of my for hus she's the one who shopping sakan lah.baju la seluar la..haih i wish i have a crdt card so i can shop till i drop then bayar hutang till i botak.pada pukol 4 lbh,kami pon bersurai la.haritu sy amat enjoy bersama mereka =) dan sy syg sama mereke.

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