Sunday, February 10, 2008

school in 2 days time

argh!school's open on next tuesday.and it spoils everything!y can't we have another holiday?why?why?why?like mr kumar said:"school=jail" which is very true,i do agree with u sir =) i have to wait for like months to get out from high school life and in these few months i have to work my ass off for the major exam which is ehem ehem SPM.that's rite SPM,can't believe i'm actually sitting for this super-gigantic-major-scariest examination of all time.*sigh* too bad,either me or you out there have to deal with it cuz it's part of our precious c'mon u form fives out there,lets give our one last best shot and do well in our SPM!
ok,enough of that.well these few days something has been bothering me and i feel like washing my brain with clorox,if i can la kan.klo cuci cmne?can u predict what happen?


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