Friday, October 31, 2008

abstinence works everytime,abstinence is possible

it's officially november after 12am.11 days to go, i repeat 11 days left for me to get myself prepared for the final battle of my 5th year in high school. i have to abstain myself from the pc for a month but haha i dont think so that i'll be able to do that =S it's difficult to keep at arm's length from something which you really need in your everyday life. haiya....i have to try my best to stop using this pc for a month, for the sake of spm,urgh!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

layan babe =P

oh mawar khayalan
bawaku terbang tinggi
jauh rentasi awan
dari duniaku yang hampa
kecewa tak bermakna
semua hanyalah tipu daya
modenisasi hanya...

-laila's lounge-

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i cant attend sunny's tuition class today bcs we'll be having a farewell dinner for abg ramzey tonight,he's leaving for dubai on this coming friday. he got offered a job there,which happens to be his dream job. jgn tak best r kan,dream job plak tu. unfortunately next year, my sister has no choice but to head to dubai ,along with rayboy and her newborn. hmm this house will be so called empty and bored, it'll be just me and my parents. without the presence of my sister and rayboy...of course there will be less noice. argh i dont like it, why does she have to go so far?leaving us behind? adoiii,nak buat camne,she has hobson's choice. i noticed that we're getting closer now, i tried to tell her my probs,which i already did =)
my assumption was, maybe i can talk to her about anything starting from the day when we talked about my problems in the restaurant =)

ohh adik loves you angah! <33333

Monday, October 27, 2008

waste time no more

it's just me,my father and bibik in the house
angah and abg ramzey brought ray boy to the zoo,oh i havent been to the zoo for like...years? my last trip was i think when i was still in kindergarten,budak hingusss =P
mom had to go to work today,on deepavali?herm pitty her though =(
father is watching tv downstair,while me? yeah,im updating my blog right now
talking about blog,i asked my sister to blog,but unfortunately she dosen't have time..i dont care,i just want her to have a blog,so that she can spend her time here besides loging into facebook

shit...a few more days to go until it hits goodness.why spm?why???!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


woke up at 7+ , wash myself, get dress and went to bangsar just to have breakfast with my parents. that restaurant was packed and oh as i turned and look around, there was a group of americans,tourist i guess. they just filled up the three rows. they ordered alot, as if like they were having dinner or something =S my dad's into the dhal,i have to agree that the dhal was superb,thick and oh sooo damn sedap la weyhweyh
at 10+, i went for seminar at kasturi, today was my second last day. mr how, which is the addmaths teacher,he conducted the class and...AND not to forget he is HOTTTTT. charming and so on..haha i melted in his class although he's kinda berlagak =P

Saturday, October 25, 2008

to be in the limelight

something that has to do with vampires may not be on top of my list. yesterday night, i visited this girl's blog and eventually i saw this twilight trailer in one of her posts. base on its trailer, i think this movie is daboom! later on, i suggested to my sister that she should watch this movie soon because she's into this vampire kind of stuff. they said that the novels are interesting and happens to be a hit in this day and age. haa nice,why not i get myself one copy after the spm? i'll be spending my leisure time reading novels besides being a potato couch and glue my butt on the chair,surfing the internet.