Friday, June 27, 2008

not just any other ordinary t

check out these super adorable ts that i've uploaded.i found them in a website last week and oh there are tons of cool ts you can actually find from there.all you bloggers out there espacially those who love graphic ts,why not spend some time browsing them in this web

Thursday, June 26, 2008

off and on

my mood's been funny for the past few days..hmm or maybe it's just bcs im having my period or what?like i felt something weird in me,ergh!i tried to ignore it by doing my daily activities and try not to think about it.sigh its stupid to think and think.besides,it'll ruin my concentration and oh ya i'm the kind who likes to think really really faaarrr,like way farrr.people say think 'out of the box',but i'm thinking like waayyy out of the this forever or it's just has to end one day?

Friday, June 20, 2008

hip hip hurray!

time flies and its finally friday.oh thank God it is bcs guess what tomorrow's saturday and its OFF!(duh)
seriously i cant believe its already the end of june,its like going to bed now
and when you wake up you'll noticed that you're in 20th of june.well basically,everything has its own pros and for instance,this time-flying moment,one of the advantages is i'm no longer a secondary school student,which is also a good news for the fellow form 5 students
wherease the disadvantages are time is short and the major exam is coming!

take note:live your precious life to the fullest!you won't regret it

Monday, June 2, 2008


presenting this years american idol winner..david cook!(duh its been weeks).this season's show is worth watching and i have no regrets watching and supporting this talented creature=D here's a video tht i would love to share it with you guys out there.girls,get ready to screeeeeaaam yr lungs out!