Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hey u bloggers out there!=)

hey ho new blog!ok i have to say this is my 3rd blog..da previous blogs telah di pulaukan cuz of my laziness in logging not really new here but i need yr guidence abt this thingy.thanx alot.i really appriciate it if u r willing to guide me=)well yesterday is our last day of school(hiphiphuraaaaay!!!)which all of us r waiting for all these while.tommorow is a chinese new year and all of da chinese(including me) cant wait to collect angpau kot!syaff, which is one of my besties received a present from her bf..n guess what it is?a 5 MPX SONY ERICSSON CYBERSHOT!she is one lucky girl ok ;)now,im listening to chris brown's with you..not bad though that song but i prefer kiss kiss.oh n not to forget t-pain,i began to love yr songs man!

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