Thursday, February 14, 2008

shop,prepare and eat

all rite,here it first me and hny were planning to cook maggie but eventually she came up with a great idea which is making potato coleslaw(whatever it is).at first we went to giant and bought some potatoes.before going hny decided to wear BIG shoes so we just wore and LOL all the way to giant,well it's "cool" though.hahaha.crap.ok so we bought potatoes n muffins and went straight back home to boiled and cut the potatoes and onions.the potato coleslaw was walaaaahhhh!!! but we were full after the second round and couldn't manage to finish it.

my fave song for now is love fool by new found glory feat. adam lazzara from taking back sunday.i just found out adam was featured in this song yesterday because one of the voices was so familiar.i fell in love with his voice though <333

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