Thursday, February 26, 2009

ok i was tired just now

i slept at 5am due to a few hours of chatting with giring. damn now i have a pair of enourmous eye bags and they're getting darker and darker, day by day =/ gotta purchase myself some kind of product to make those dark circles go away. just go for an affordable one will do =) grrrrahhh i look hideous =( darkness revolves around my eyes, zits popping out when they feel like they want to, hmm it's a teenage nightmare huh?

by the way, angah asked me to accompany her for shopping today. at first i didn't feel like i want to bcs i was bloody sleepy due to insufficient of sleep. well lastly i did agree with her =)

angah and mommy are going to dubai tonight =( hm pitty angah, she's definitely gonna miss her little miss addyn so much =(
i'll be here with papa,miss addyn and bibik for 20 days.

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