Sunday, February 15, 2009

we've made a mistake

balloons and flowers were sold along bb street and couples could be seen holding them as they walked. V day mah, yadyada whatever.

haslinda and i had already made up our minds to watch the curious case of benjamin button a week ago but unfortunately we didn't go for that movie bcs of the bloody seatings. they were three rows from the screen and hell no we're not gonna chose those seats, i bet we'll suffer throughout the 2 hrs movie. so yeah we ended up watching the psychotic EDEN LAKE. we bought tickets for syaff,eryna and akmal as well, same time,same row. we thought it was a horror movie which was so not horror. it was indeed a violence one. well i must say that EDEN LAKE sucks big time bcs of its ending.

freakin' pissed

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