Tuesday, February 3, 2009


greetings =)

i'm not used to the changes that occurred in my blog and other websites since i've started using this safari browser. it's like the pages were minimized a lil bit and the fonts were bold. well i'll get used to it sooner or later =) its true, the website of perez hilton does appear faster compared to the last time when i usually used the internet explorer as my daily browser to log in to his web. thanks to zaty for recommending safari to me. yeehaaa! =D

from now onwards, there's no more
 waiting for minutes for perezhilton.com to show up =D


izzati said...

awww,anything for you darling!it makes a whole lot of difference in my life!!and it's way nicer than that very boring-looking internet explorer

izzati said...

rock on perez!!!he's so gay!

natalia hrrs thng said...

haha looks more lively =)