Friday, March 7, 2008

hey again

let see what shall i start.....
i didn't update my blog for days n aw pitty u blog..haihs as usual la,i don't need to mention.i'll try to update my blog oftenly and now my blog is soooo damn dull.nk bace pon xde semangat!i got a phone call from syaff yesterday and i was told that she was picked pocket by an idiot at the lrt station.her brand new phone that she just used for 1 month gone just like that.haih really pitty her la.ok,next 2 weeks will be my ujian intervensi.just a small exam.not much.but i have no choice but to crack my head n stare at the books for xtau la bwat ke x kan.but i really have to force myself although i hated it so much!

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