Sunday, March 16, 2008

a tight squeeze situation below

yada yada yada hny,i've just read yr go-nuts blog.well as long as K comes for tuesday's class then that'll be good enough.hahaha.and maybe i get to see J on the same day as well.wuuuu =P
hahaha true,who knows one day i'll find my very own true's all in God's hands,jodoh di tgn Allah pe,cheewahwah!
after our class hny,hus and i went to anexe(not sure about the spelling) to take a look at the booths that they're going to set up there but unfortunately i was told by my friend that if u want to enter then u have to pay for the entry.well im not going to pay cuz im really broke and in a very very very tight budget this month.this tight-budget-thingy does not only occurs in this month but every month since i dunno when it actually started.

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