Wednesday, July 9, 2008

it feels good to be back on track

pheww,im back from the hospital at was fucking bored and it was torturing over there.dh la lupe nk bawak earphone kn,well i just lied on the bed,looking at the celing,the curtains,the lights,waiting for text messages,tossing and turning.besides that,i went in a n out from the toilet for i dunno how many times a day with that bende ala drip,it was very very and very inconvinient.i was admitted into the ward on monday and this is my first time staying in the ward.the doc suspected that i was diagnosed with dangue fever,which is true at the end result.omg,seriously its a nightmare =S
on tuesday,guess who came by and visit me?hny,nutt,zaty,anith,nadrah,tasha,sopeah and nurul and her mom!i was overwhelme with joy and my energy just boost up!its amazing to see them there but you cant really talk too loud bcs well its a hospital =/ but whatever it is,that's the most best and unforgettable day in the ward itself.thanks a bunch guys!=D i really appriciate it =D

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