Thursday, July 2, 2009

a few kilograms added

yeah! bel 130 has been cancelled, therefore i'm here in my room, feeling sleepy and hungry at this hour. three of my classmates are going back to kl today.

just called haslinda just now and talked about what has been lying underneath this flesh and how difficult things are here and there. nothing is easy in this world, which is absolutely,doubtlessly true. two more weeks to go and what have i accomplished? none? that's sad.


Achenk Hebat said...

tajuk nampak macam dah gemuk je. haha

.rda. said...

i'm home now babe!

natalia harris thang said...

welcome home arda. eh kim slm kt kl ye ;)

natalia harris thang said...

agak laaaa. ala pasal gemok tu post lain