Saturday, June 27, 2009

back to business

back at kedah people ;)

before we leave, i went to max value with my parents to buy some snacks. waffers and biscuits, these are the essential snacks to keep me aliveeeee! haha. and when i feel fat, he has to listen to my complains. it happens all the time right syg? HAHA. oh yes,i've gained 4 kgs. yes, four "lovelayy" kgs. it's difficult to say no to rice here. hmphhhh. i brought many things from home. printer, laptop,clothes... went home with one bag, came back with three bags XD

today is the registration day for the diploma students. God know's the amount of freshies here. i'm going to visit hani soon at mahsuri F1;) zalik's room is located at masria M2,the same block as mine.

i was shocked about the death of the great michael jackson when my father told me about it yesterday morning.
rest in peace MJ.


.rda. said...

yewww.da bwk laptop ke??
pasni bleh la salu update ur blog kn??

natalia harris thang said...

jyeah bebeh. ala tp cte harian aku x hangat.gaga

.rda. said...

berat naik kire hangat la tuh.

natalia harris thang said...

hahaha itu mesti.highlight sket ;P

Lady FS. said...

4kg ? ahha , aku xnk check !

natalia harris thang said...

check la fs. teman la aku ni. hahaha