Friday, June 12, 2009

put your ass to work

it is our second week of class and everything went well. i'm starting to feel comfortable with my classmates. talking about classmates,i love bothering haiza,yeahh she is hilarious ok. she calls me nek instead of nat, as if i'm thatttt old. hahaha. well haiza,nice to know you girl ;) aku tunggu mu kirim cek mek tau ;P

here comes the group work...
firstly, for mtc016, we were all divided into 3 groups. 10 people per group. our assignment is due on august. next, for mtc012, my group will be doing 'law as rules' for presentation and assignment. the assignment is due before the mid term break. erkkkk this is too soooon. apart from that, we have test before the break,hmphhhhh.

let me conclude this by saying that this ain't high school anymore,where you've been spoon fed. hmmph lots and lots of reading to do.

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