Friday, July 24, 2009

let's start the holidays shall we

home sweet home!
alhamdulillah, i reached duta around 4.30am. i don't understand why the bus driver doesn't wanna drive into the station, hmm it's too dangerous to drop the passengers at the side of the road eventhough it's near the station at this hour. i didn't expect to reach here thattt early. before boarding, i even set a reminder on not forgetting to take my bag from the bottom of the bus. hehe. God know's how careless and clumsy i am. okayy gotta go now, i'm having beef kuay teow for breakfast today. lapaaar naaaaa.


.rda. said...

mesti ko mamai kan??

natalia harris thang said...

haha mamai kot. eh npk ko ngn ayh ko dr taxi stand. hehehe

.azira hafiza. said...

lagi haru biru kalau balik umah bru ingat beg dalam bus. haha. ;D