Sunday, January 11, 2009

boost your energy

phew yesterday was one hell of an exhaustion for me. i can't remember whether the beep sound,poprocks and cokes or hero/heroine woke me up from my less than 4 hours of sleep yesterday. before my very own eyes sealed at 5+am,i was having a long conversation with far-away-hani over the phone and locked my eyes on the computer screen to search for the desired tabs.

i departured for klcc (hate that place,boring) from home around 10am. oh ya before it slip my mind, there's an education fair going on for to two days at the kl convention centre from 10th till 11th jan. when i've reached my destination,i went straight to topshop to meet up with huss,wani and their relative,rita. rita does the shopping while the rest of us just window shopped around. how nice if i get to purchase myself some cloths. damn,i really wanna work,despite the fact that working is one of the tiring activities.

after wolfing down our food,we decided to go watch a movie. we ended up watching juno,not a bad one though. when i was mentioning to huss about not meeting my classmates,suddenly we encountered laura and andy at tgv. excitement began to overwhelmed when we met each other. HAHA mulut masin smalam. in the evening,we saw another classmate of mine again,anith. HAHA seriously mulut masin habis laa smalam.

i reached home around 6.30pm and put myself back to sleep until 12.45 am.

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