Thursday, May 7, 2009

so much to do,so little time

hmmphhh angah,abang ramzey,miss chubby a.k.a miss b and rayray are leaving for dubai today,FOR GOOD :(
i'm gonna miss them.
this house is gonna be boring,dull and definitely won't be as noisy like it used to be. so the three of us-paa,mii and i will be living together under one roof =/ when both of my parents go to work, i'll be on my own here again just like those days.

on the month of july,i'll be leaving for kedah to pursue my studies,hmphhh. in conclusion 3-1=2. to be completely honest with you, i don't have that kind of enthusiasm in me to start studying. i'm not fully prepare to put my brain to work. all i want is extra relaxation,i know i've been relaxing for months and now it's time for me to face new challenges in the next level. i've already printed out all the forms regarding the uitm registration and loan. and now, i have to fill up the forms, photostat a few documents and arrange everything in order and that's it, i'm done. well it seems like these things will keep me busy ;P

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