Saturday, March 14, 2009

take me away

story of the day, here it goes ;)

  • woke up early in the morning and kicked start the day by having mi rebus with my father for breakfast
  • at 9.30am, father sent me to pwtc to attend a briefing about the courses that were offered by uitm
  • supposely, i should be, i mean we should be attending the briefing at shah alam
  • about the thingy at pwtc, oh that was just a carnival
  • syaff and i went to shah alam together with her parents
  • met hani,zaty and zaty's friend,nana there ;)
  • in the evening, we went to a bazaar which was held at sohoKL
  • we ended up buying affordable tops, hehehe, what can i say, girls just can't fight their temptation when it comes to this =D

huuuuu, what an exhausting day, i only had 2 hours of sleep =/

oh God, please lead me to the right path in choosing the most suitable course,amin.

ok, it's time for dinner, roger and out.

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